Stunning Venice second part


From Rialto, we continue walking to Piazza San Marco. A very agreable walk toward one of the most beautiful and spectacular squares of the world, focal point of one unique city.

visit in the basilica and then we continue to the Procuratie Nuove, where we allow ourselves the pleasure of an espresso at the famous Caffè Florian and we get our eyes shine in front of the window of the Gioielleria Nardi, one of the most famous name of the Venetian goldsmith’s art. Among too much splendid jewels, the brooches with precious stones and Moorish faces called Moretti stand out for their originality. Unique masterpieces, loved by famous actresses like Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor, from crowned heads like the princesses of Belgium and Spain, and a lot of others V.I.P.

Venezia 2027 San Marco Gioielleria Nardi Moretto veneziano

We go back to our blast with direction Campo Santo Stefano e AccademiaCampo Santa Maria del Giglio, where, in one building of the XVIII century, the shop of Paola and Mario Bevilacqua nestles there. A very singular place, absolutely free of shop windows: it is recognizable by the fabrics exposed to the windows, that let us understand how beautiful it is inside to see and buy: pillows, tablecloths, bow ties, damasks, brocades and the owners specify: ” All that textile can be ordered even by commission”.

Sestiere San Marco Venezia tess 131 Mario e Paola Bevilacqua Tessuti d arte antichi e moderni

We continue to Accademia until Campo Morosini, more known as Campo Santo Stefano, where we find Gianni Cavalier‘s Shop: here, Mr. Alberto continues the profession of gilder that he has learned from his father Gianni. It is really beautiful and interesting to watch both of them while they are spreading very light, impalpable leaves of gold on cherubs and small angels, frames, lamps and hand carved wooden masks!

Sestiere San Marco VEAR 035 Venezia Laboratorio artig indoradori G e A Cavalier

Here, in Campo Santo Stefano, a break in the Spezieria de Venezia  is absolutely valid, where you can buy soaps, cosmetic creams and fragrances made by Enzo Loris De Strasser according to the dictates of Venetian recipes of the sixteenth century and the use of modern technologies of formulation and analysis.

Once we reach the nearby bridge of Accademia and once we pass the Gran Canal, we go to Rio Terra Antonio Foscarini, easily shortening trough Fondamenta Zattere, overlooking the Canale della Giudecca. From here, crossing  Church of Gesuati, is not difficult, map in hand, we arrive at the historical Squero di San Trovaso, where graceful gondolas, pupparini, sandole and all the other typical Venetian boats are born. This of San Trovaso (we are in Sestiere Dorsoduro) is one of the fewest constructions still in operation, a real white fly, which holds up against the jolts of the crisis.

Sestiere Castello VEAR 062 Venezia P Brandolisio Laboratorio di forcole

A little more than eleven meters long and less than one and a half wide, the classic venetian ship is characterized by the asymmetric structure, designed just to allow one person to rule it standing on the stern and with the help of just one oar. And if maneuvering a gondola is not by anymeans easy, constructing it is also more complicated, it takes several months of work to shape by hand and then assemble the 280 wooden parts that compose it. To these, other parts are added, like the iron bow, which has the function of balancing the boat; the stern laugh, which protects it from impacts, and the forcola, the oarlock on which the oar pivots, generally made of walnut wood and with at least eight points of support.

VEPS 037 Venezia Vista Bacino San Marco e la Basilica della Salute

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