Springtime in Liguria

Rich in landscapes and architectural beauties, Liguria region, characterized by a curious arch shape, is surely one of the best location for a spring escape.

Genoa, the main town, has an historical center drawn by the famous Caruggi, a net of narrow and old lanes, and a system of streets and nobiliar palaces under the Unesco World Heritage. Not to miss are the San Lorenzo Cathedral, with its beautiful gothic fasade, whose inner parts guest precious art treasures and the saint’s relics. Or the romanic churches of San Matteo or San Donato, in the pier neighbourhood. Not to miss, especially if you travel with children, is the modern Aquarium facing Porto Vecchio (The Old Port). It’s the biggest one in Europe and it has become one of the symbols of Genoa.

Genoa, the Old Port. View with the lift Bigo and San Giorgio Palace on the left.

Who looks for a contact with nature and the pleasure of long walks on panoramic paths doesen’t have to go very far , only a few chilometres towards east and visit the Cinque Terre National Park with its marvellous villages all in sequence like the pearls on a necklace: Manarola, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Monterosso and Vernazza.

Riomaggiore is surrounded by an enchanted atmosphere and it is linked to Manarola by the famous Love Path, a spectacular rock-sculped trail that spies the sea from above.

Manarola landscape.

A piece of advice, once in Manarola, is to go check out the Old Olive-Press and the gothic San Lorenzo Church.

Corniglia, another jewel between rock land and sea, is accessible thanks to the Landarina Stairwell. It’a a village of great impression, drawn among narrow streets and by a beautiful pebbles beach, called Spiaggione.

Finally, Vernazza and Monterosso are among the most beautiful villages in Italy; they are characterized by a long maritime tradition as well as known for her architectural beauties and breathtaking landscapes and vierws.

Pictures credits: Archivio Agenzia Regionale in Liguria #la mia liguria

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