She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome!

“I resisted, but she drew me back. I stayed away, but she beckoned me. I distanced myself, but she haunted me. I even rejected her but she did not abandon me…”

This is the beginning of  She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome, the latest book by Mark Tedesco, a writer and an educator residing in California.

Having living in Rome, Mark describes the city as magical and his relationship with her like a real  love affair!

He realized that everything in this city has a story: the people, the buildings, the statues, even the street corners.

In this book he gathers these stories, having interviewed street performers, Romans, expats, historians and archaeologists.

The reader is transported into another world and reveals the city through its stories that are informative, funny and insightful.

This is the reason why the title is She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome

It’s a rare book in which the reader becomes part of a magical world in which places, monuments and artists come alive through their stories. The reader becomes a participant in the ebb and flow of the city and gains insight into why so many have fallen in love with Rome despite its faults.

This work of nonfiction is divided into chapters in which the reader experiences aspects of art, culture, history and the present through the eyes of the writer and of the inhabitants of Rome, past and present.

Having lived in Italy for eight years, Mark Tedesco enjoys weaving stories connecting the present to the past and exploring how deep human longings are expressed in relationships, events, culture and history. 


She Seduced Me: A Love Affair with Rome

by Mark Tedesco

Dixi Books London

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