Eat and Travel Italy, your magazine about the Country you dream !

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce you the birth of Eat and Travel Italy, a new  magazine all about Italy.

Everytime, we will tell you about travels, food and wine, monuments and culture, lifestyle, traditions and many other topics about the Country you dream of.

But, why Italy ?   Because Italy is:

The First Country for number of UNESCO sites (53)

In First Place of the Country Brand Index for Tourism and Culture (Futurbrans source)

The First destination in the world for Food&Wine Tourism (Food Travel Monitor source)

Puglia SAL 213

The First European Country for number of DOP and IGP food&wine  (289)

The First Country more photographed on Instagram (Business Inside UK 2016 source)

The First European tourist destination for long distance;   24% of visitors from extra UE choose Italy among the Area Schengen Countries (source Enit on Eurostat dates)

But, first of all, because Italy is our country, the garden of Europe and of the world.  And who better than Italian people and Italian jounalists could tell you about their country?

V Fassa 1547

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See you

Maurizia Ghisoni

Publishing director

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