About US

Maurizia Ghisoni   Multimedia journalist, traveller for almost three decades, Maurizia has turned her great passion into a job, that has allowed her to visit more than one hundred countries all over the world and published many books, trip guides,  reports and articles. She has worked for all the main tourism and food magazines in Italy and abroad.

Co-founder and director of  Eat&Travel Italy, she wants to tell about the country you dream !




Costa Rica 003

Alberto Campanile  Mountaineering and photography, these are his great passions! After having climbed on the Dolomites, on the Andes, in Africa, in USA (three streets on El Capitan in Yosemite) in Himalaya, Alberto has landed to photography and journalism.

He has been contributor to many magazines of tourism, architecture, food and naturally mountaineering and a lot of photographic books and mountain guides. He is one of the photographers chosen by the famous agency Alinari for the project Alinari Contemporary.

Co-founder and art director of Eat&Travel Italy, he will show fantastic pictures about the country you dream !