The green soul of Florence

With the arrival of spring, days go back to being longer and the enjoyment of spending time outside is unstoppable. It is the ideal moment to take a break and discover the beauty of Florence and its parks.

Behind its symbolic monuments, the antique palaces, the artworks that all world envies us, there are many green corners to be discovered and experienced.    Get to know them with us!



Besides the well-known destinations of The Cascine Park with its long streets along the Arno river and the famous Boboli Gardens behind Pitti Palace, many more green corners are less popular but equally fascinating to explore.

Among them, it is worth it to cite the Parnaso Garden, the more elevated part of the Horticulture Park: a panoramic terrace from which you can enjoy the sunset and the cityscape of Florence, but also the location of a snake statue, or dragon according to others, which was inspired by a Greek myth and that extends along a staircase. This staircase leads to the Horticulture Park and its famous Tepidarium.

Another unmissable location to admire Florence from above is Villa Bardini’s garden, popular in spring for the blooming of the wisteria. Between April and May roofs get tinted with pink and violet, declining so many shades that, after years, they have encouraged many tourists to talk about this garden as a fairytale location.



There are many hidden private locations among the city streets like The Torrigiani Garden, a visitable green oasis by booking, or the Corsini and Frescobaldi Gardens. Moving a bit further away from Florence, a visit to the Park d’Arte Pazzagli is worth it, open on the weekends, it is ideal for whom is looking for an ample green space rich in installations, sculptures, and artworks, but also pic-nic areas outdoors.



Moreover, the Medici Park of Pratolino is not to be missed. It is popular for the Colossus of the Apennines, a work of Giambologna, it hosts various artworks in two Italian gardens and one with a romantic style.

The park reopens in April and it offers multiple trails for whom is passionate about hiking or Nordic walking, but also activities to regenerate in nature or get to know the park’s wildlife, among others different and precious tree species such as the white spruce, the big oak, and the monumental trees.


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