Bassano del Grappa (Veneto), Asparagus time

Bassano white asparagus, Vicenza province, Veneto Region, Italy.

White, green or purple: long, short or thin, asparagus is one of the most loved and tasty witness of spring.

In Italy, it’s grown in different regions and provinces; in some of them, it represents a product of excellence and one of the symbols of the territory.

The White Asparagus from Bassano del Grappa, marvellous historical small city in Veneto region, for example, is unique with its pearl-white-colour, thick trunk, straight and well-formed bud which spread parfume and freshness. These are the particular signs of the Bassano White Asparagus D.O.P. (Protected Origin of Denomination),  grown in this welcoming corner of the Vicenza province, at the beginning of the Val Sugana, between Monte Grappa and Altopiano of Asiago.

Ponte Vecchio bridge designed by Andrea Palladio, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza province, Veneto

It is a delicacy that, untill the start of summer, sees a big work-in-progress among the producing farms called “Asparagiaie” and a crowded calendar of gastronomic feasts and celebrations.

The asparagus picking campaign is from march to mid-june, as soon as the top of its germs emerges from the soil.

This kind of vegetables was very loved and appreciated in all times, by the Asburgo Emperors, by the Dooges of the Republic of Venice, by Napoleon Bonaparte and by many other v.i.p.s. from history.

Bassano white asparagus field.

A must-recipe is the one of the Bassanese Asparagus: boiled for 20 minutes  in a tall and narrow pot, it’s usually served with boiled eggs, oil, salt and pepper. Nothing else! It’s accompanied by a good glass of Vespaiolo di Breganze, a local wine, not very structured and easy to drink.

Bassano white asparagus with eggs

The delicious asparagus is sold in bunches of 1kg/1,5 kg, fastened with a branch of willowtree and characterized by a tricolor stamp that describes it with the beautiful Palladiano Bridge in Bassano del Grappa. This stamp also shows the numeral signs that allow ti trace the producer, the day of the picking and manifacturing.

Bassano white asparagus exhibition and contest.

An occasion not to miss to taste and buy the asparagus are the popular  feasts that, from april to june, are organized throughout the entire territory, like, for instance, The Asparagus Feast, in Bassano del Grappa, inside Piazza Libertà, on 21st april or A Tavola con l’Asparago Bianco di Bassano D.O.P.-Asparagi&Vespaiolo animated by the local restaurats.

Among the news, there is also the match between asparagus and Tosella, a soft cheese made of fresh milk.

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